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Sulphur Aeon – Gateway to the Antisphere

Sulphur Aeon’s debut Swallowed by the Ocean’s Tide was one of my favourite releases in 2013, and the band is back again this time with another slab of outstanding death metal with their sophomore Gateway to the Antisphere. The band has expanded their sound this time, and while things aren’t as murky as before, the maturation in Sulphur Aeon’s sound is obvious, making Gateway to the Antisphere an early contender for the death metal album of the year.

Infernal War – Axiom

Infernal War finally returns this year with their brand new album, Axiom. With Transfigurations being a personal disappointment after the excellent Conflagrator EP in 2009, what does Axiom hold for rabid fans of the band? Will Infernal War’s third full length album be able to live up to the expectations and the hype of its predecessors?

Album Review: Dysangelium – Thánatos Áskēsis

Dysangelium [Germany]
Thánatos Áskēsis
Full Length
World Terror Committee
Black Metal

When a label like World Terror Committee releases a black metal release, one who knows better will know to sit up and take heed. And this is no different for Germany’s Dysangelium, who have after their impressive Leviaxxis demo …

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