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Fredag den 13:e – Domedagar

Fredag den 13:e [Sweden]
Full Length
Crust Punk/Hardcore

As it has already become rather obvious, there has been very few extreme releases this year that has managed to catch and retain my attention for more than a few listens. Just as I was about to give …

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Album Review: Tiger Junkies – D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers

Tiger Junkies [Japan]
D-Beat Street Rock ‘n’ Rollers
2008/2013 (reissue)
Full Length
Hells Headbangers
Thrash Metal/Crossover

Starting off as a side project of Joel Grind and Yasuyuki, the entity known as Tiger Junkies have recorded sufficient material since 2004 to release a full length album. 2008 saw the band releasing …

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