TAKE OVER AND DESTROY Joins Forces With Pulverised Records For “Vacant Face” Vinyl Release

In an era where extreme music has pretty much saturated itself to death; it is not very often that Pulverised Records have clamoured with genuine excitement over a band these days. But one such band that we recently chanced upon rekindled that sense of wonder and curiousity in us again – they welcome Phoenix, Arizona’s musical-dissidents TAKE OVER AND DESTROY!

Heavy Metal Tribune #011 (July/August 2013)

OUT NOW: Heavy Metal Tribune #011

This month we are honoured to have Singahell Barbarian Horde the Mighty Impiety gracing our cover. We talk to band mastermind Shyaithan to learn more about the glorious history of Impiety, along with some trivia about their brand new release, The Impious Crusade. We follow that up with Dark Tranquillity telling us …

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Album Review: TOAD – Endless Night

Endless Night
Full Length
Comfort Point Records
Black/Sludge Metal

When I first chanced upon Arizona black/sludge metal outfit TOAD last year, it was quite an experience listening to the band fuse elements from different genres together on their EP Rotten Tide. Yet here we are with the band’s …

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Album Review: TOAD – Rotten Tide

Rotten Tide
Black/Sludge Metal


When I first came into contact with TOAD, my instinctive reaction was to scratch my head, wondering what kind of band would ever come up with such a name. It wasn’t only until slightly later that I found out that this was simply an abbreviation …

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