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Best of Singapore metal 2010

2010 marks the first year of Heavy Metal Tribune’s existence. Being based in Singapore, it would be a shame to not have a top 5 or top 10 feature on the webzine, so here it is! (Thanks to Subash TBK for the suggestion!)

Top 5 releases

5. Meltgsnow – Black Penance [Gothic …

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Drummer’s Spotlight: Gene (Truth Be Known, Bhelliom)

The world of metal places strong emphasis on the instruments that are involved in the creation of the music – be it guitars, bass, drums or keyboards. In this series, we talk to a number of drummers to have them share with us their experiences and their views on matters pertaining to their craft.

This …

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Views from the Pit: Truth Be Known EP Launch

Truth Be Known’s EP launch was held last Saturday, 28th July. Featuring Stillborn, Taiwanese guests Solemn and label mates Bhelliom, this was a show that kicked much ass.

The lineup:
Truth Be Known

Stillborn was up first for the night. Playing mostly originals, they helped to warm …

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Album Review: Truth Be Known – Truth Be Known

Truth Be Known [SINGAPORE]
Truth Be Known
Death/Trash Metal

Singapore’s angriest band is back with their self-titled EP. In just 4 tracks clocking at under 10 minutes, Truth Be Known unleashes all their rage and anger upon the listener, making this perhaps the wildest 10 minutes of your life. …

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Views from the Pit: Grindhouse

The Grindhouse (a misleading title for the gig, for it took some of us quite a bit of convincing to go because we thought it was going to be a grind gig) was held on 30th April. After a 1 hour delay, the gig finally kicked off at 8pm. 6 awesome bands, displaying the prowess …

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