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Album Review: The Upheaval – Failure of Humanity

The Upheaval [Turkey]
Failure of Humanity
Full Length
Mulligore Production
Black Metal

After a sneak preview to their old school Norwegian-inspired brand of black metal with their 2011 demo, Turkish black metal duo The Upheaval returns this year with their debut full length release, Failure of Humanity.

The Norwegian overtones …

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Album Review: Yayla – Nihaihayat

Yayla [Turkey]
Full Length
Black Metal/Ambient

I still can’t believe I actually missed out on Yayla‘s Sathimasal last year. Looking back on the record it displayed Yayla mastermind Emir’s ability to create cold, atmospheric black metal that manages to captivate listeners despite being almost an hour long and containing …

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Interview with Thrown to the Sun

Thrown to the Sun’s brand of progressive death metal instantly caught my attention, with the band’s debut full length album Of Oceans and Raindrops displaying infusion of nice melodies without compromising the technicality. Being one of the first bands out of Turkey that I encounter also piqued my interest in the band. We talk to …

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Album Review: Thrown to the Sun – Of Oceans and Raindrops

Thrown to the Sun [Turkey]
Of Oceans and Raindrops
Full Length
Progressive/Melodic Death Metal

Bands out of Turkey are certainly fascinating, since the country isn’t exactly known for having metal exports. Thrown to the Sun is the second band that I have encountered out of Turkey, with the first …

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Interview with Zifir

Zifir is the first Turkish extreme metal band that I have encountered. With the addition of drummer Nursuz, completing the band’s lineup in 2008, the band released their second full length album earlier in the year. We talk to the band to learn more about them and find out more about the metal scene in …

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