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Ulvegr – Titahion: Kaos Manifest

Ulvegr features past and present members of prominent Ukrainian bands like Nokturnal Mortum and KZOHH, and Tihation: Kaos Manifest is their fourth full length release.

Album Review: Do Skonu – Womb of Primeval Darkness

Do Skonu [Ukraine]
Womb of Primeval Darkness
Full Length
Omega Productions/Forever Plagued Records
Black Metal

From the label that changed my mind about USBM with excellent releases by bands such as Nightbringer and Demoncy, Forever Plagued Records introduces Ukraine’s Do Skonu with their debut full length album, Womb of Primeval Darkness.

The introductory Storm from …

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Album Review: Munruthel – CREEDamage

Munruthel [Ukraine]
Full Length
Svarga Music
Black/Folk Metal

Released late last November, less than a year after its predecessor The Dark Saga (2011), CREEDamage represents the solidification of Munruthel’s lyrical and musical identity. Founded in 1988 by the eponymous Munruthel (Vladislav Redkin) as a Dark Ambient outfit, …

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Album Review: Sectorial – Erase and Reborn the Humanity

Sectorial [Ukraine]
Erase and Reborn the Humanity
Full Length
Metal Scrap Records
Thrash Metal/Grindcore

Just as I thought that there can be no more new innovations to the already saturated metal genre, I chanced upon Ukraine’s Sectorial. The fact that the band describes their music as a hybrid of …

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