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Feb 20 2016

Urgehal – Aeons in Sodom

Aeons in Sodom is the first Urgehal album to be put out after the demise of founder Trondr Nefas in 2012. Featuring some of his last works and an ensemble of high profile Norwegian black metal figures, this is a black metal album not to be missed.

Apr 12 2015

Frosthelm – The Endless Winter

American black/thrash metal unit Frosthelm this year releases their debut full length, The Endless Winter, promising to ravage the metal underground with their brand of high-octane and intense, yet cold and bleak style of metal.

Aug 10 2014

Album Review: Horned Almighty – World of Tombs

Horned Almighty [Denmark] World of Tombs 2014 Full Length Scarlet Records Black Metal With the past 2 albums being rather successful and garnering critical acclaim, one wonders what else Denmark’s Horned Almighty has in place for fans with their new album, World of Tombs. Unlike Contaminating the Divine and Necro Spirituals which were released a mere year apart, fans of the band …

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Aug 02 2014

Album Review: Draconis Infernum – The Sacrilegious Eradication

Draconis Infernum [Singapore] The Sacrilegious Eradication 2014 Full Length Ketzer Records Black Metal The release of The Sacrilegious Eradication has placed Draconis Infernum at the forefront of the vanguard in the regional South-East Asian Black Metal fraternity. With this, their third release, the band’s conceptual vision and musical identity are both defined and proclaimed with …

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Mar 20 2014

Album Review: Cainan Dawn – Thavmial

Cainan Dawn [France] Thavmial 2014 Full Length Osmose Productions Black Metal In just the past 3 months, we have already heard impressive releases from bands numerous pioneers of black metal, from the Psywar single of Mayhem to another new full length from Finnish black metal tyrants Sargeist. Osmose Productions decides to chime in as well with the release …

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