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Nov 25 2017

Valdur – Divine Cessation

American black/death metal band Valdur has seen evolution in their musical style with each release. Moving from black/death metal to black metal, then to death metal on their last release, Pathetic Scum, the band now inches back to their black metal sound with the heavily atmospheric Divine Cessation. Let’s drown ourselves in the dense atmosphere that is Divine Cessation right now.

Aug 30 2015

Valdur – Pathetic Scum

With my focus on the stoner, doom and psychedelic genres, I have lost track of another genre that caught my attention a while back – the filthy, bestial black/death metal style. While Archgoat’s new album was the first album this year of the genre to grab my attention, Valdur’s fourth full length Pathetic Scum does not fall far behind, with the band presenting some of their most brutal material to date.

Jun 12 2015

VALDUR: Sierra Mountains Blackened Death Merchants Emerge From Their Crypts With The Infernal Fruits Of “Pathetic Scum”

Following an extended slumber, Mammoth Lake, California-based black/death merchants, VALDUR,emerge from their crypts with the infernal fruits of latest offering, lovingly dubbed Pathetic Scum.

May 23 2014

VALDUR To Emerge From Their Catacombs; New Material Planned For 2014 Release

While their third full-length, At War With, inundated the masses in 2013, Mammoth Lake, California-based black/death trio VALDUR has remained secluded from band actions for several months, but now the cult confirms their upcoming emergence from their Sierra Nevada catacombs for a special live performance, as well as the penning of new material.

Dec 17 2013

Album Review: Valdur – At War With

Valdur [USA] At War With 2013 Full Length Bloody Mountain Records Black/Death Metal After a shift to more traditional black metal territory on their sophomore album Raven God Amongst Us, American extreme metal outfit Valdur this year shifts back to a more predominantly death metal sound on their third full length album, At War With. Album opener Enter quickly …

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