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Top 10 Albums of 2012

Unlike previous years, 2012 was quite a lull, with numerous (high profile) releases that were disappointing, many that were mediocre and extremely few that created a lasting impression. That said though, below I have attempted to list down 10 albums that have stood out from the sea of average releases this year. In no particular …

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Album Review: Vestal Claret/Ungod Split

Vestal Claret/Ungod [USA/Germany]
Vestal Claret/Ungod
NoVisible Scars
Doom Metal/Black Metal

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Vestal Claret‘s music has charmed me ever since my first encounter with their excellent contribution to their split with India’s Albatross, and left me craving for more by this doom …

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Mid-Year Recap

It’s been helluva year so far, and even though it’s only been half a  year, there have been many good releases, both from genres that I love and from genres that I hardly listen to. As well, there have been quite a number of disappointments. Below we shall list a couple of noteworthy releases over …

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Album Review: Albatross/Vestal Claret – The Kissing Flies/Black Priest

Albatross/Vestal Claret [India/USA]
The Kissing Flies/Black Priest
Roadcrew Records
Heavy Metal


Indian band Albatross was one of the first bands out of India that I encountered, along with more popular acts such as Demonic Resurrection and Kryptos. Unlike their extreme metal counterparts, Albatross plays what they call “horror metal”, with …

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