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Album Review: Witchrist – Vritra

After 7 years of existence, New Zealand’s oppressive ritualistic black/death metal horde Witchrist finally calls it quits with two final releases towards the end of 2014. Vritra is the final EP of this excellent band, and sees KzR of Bölzer taking over vocals from Void. While running at merely 11 minutes, Vritra is a fitting swansong to the band’s 7-year career.

Album Review: Heresiarch – Wælwulf

Heresiarch [New Zealand]
Dark Descent Records
Black/Death Metal

When New Zealand’s Heresiarch first released their debut EP, Hammer of Intransigence in 2011, I was completely blown away, with that EP easily being one of my all time favourite war metal releases. The announcement of the band’s release of …

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Top 10 Albums of 2012

Unlike previous years, 2012 was quite a lull, with numerous (high profile) releases that were disappointing, many that were mediocre and extremely few that created a lasting impression. That said though, below I have attempted to list down 10 albums that have stood out from the sea of average releases this year. In no particular …

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Album Review: Witchrist – Beheaded Ouroboros

Witchrist [New Zealand]
Beheaded Ouroboros
Full Length
Invictus Productions
Black/Death Metal

Brewing deep in the New Zealand underground are bands such as Ulcerate, Diocletian and Witchrist, biding their time and waiting for an opportunity to have mankind experience their wrath. Beheaded Ouroboros is Witchrist‘s debut full length output, and …

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