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Naruto_the_Last,_Hinata_confirmationI am definitely in a state of mourning. As we all know, the Naruto Manga series has finally come to an end…after a weird as fuck final battle arc. We got to know who and who had the sex, and what they become in their future.

Here’s the last Naruto movie, or so they claim for now…and my body is pumped up with hormones of mixed emotions of excitement and great despair.

I have been a Naruto fan since really young, when I first watched a Chinese dubbed version which belonged to a friend at the age of 9. Frankly, I didn’t quite catch what it all really really meant, so I watched it right from the beginning when I was 16, on the good old CrunchyRoll before it was burdened with legal problems.

There is certainly a great deal of similarities between Naruto and Harry Potter, both the titular orphans who didn’t end up with the main girl BFF, their famous parents, their predestination, their mentors, their mentor’s necessary death, darkening of plots as they got older, and how it all ended with a great war, and then the reveal of their late 30s life. So many similarities and yet both fans had the self-respect for themselves and the creators by not speculating plagiarism at all.  Nonetheless, I am truly grateful to be in this generation, which grew up with not one, but two colossal stories of all time.

During the revelation of their adulthood, we got to see who were paired up with who. Just like Harry Potter, we missed a great deal of their young adulthood, the courtship, and so many other questions. As fans, we can only pray that they will have a spin off, because we’re never ready to say goodbye.

So when news of this last film broke out, featuring trailers giving us glimpse of the Hinata-Naruto courtship, I WAS THRILLED…to tears. It was like our prayers being answered, and I hope that Harry Potter did the same too.

Other than the obvious frustrating love story between uber-shy Hinata and the ultra- dense Naruto, and the whole even more frustrating Asian culture of hide-and-seek coy puppy-love, there’s a side story of a whole world within the moon, and how it would like to eradicate the Earthlings and teach us the true peace. This very handsome antagonist, is oddly enamored with Hinata, thus propelling Naruto to chase her hot piece of ass.

Basically, this Moon dude is called Toneri, a strangely charming dude which will remind you of when your mom tells you never to trust a handsome guy. Dude is a crazy motherfucking psycho stalker of Hinata. He does classic male-psycho things which doesn’t make too much of sense, and steals people’s eyeballs. In between it is just classic movie style “Crazy Dude Tries Damn Hard To Destroy Earth But To No Avail”. In the end, obviously he lost both the war and the girl.

Before you think that this is another shojo-ai (chickflick) movie, it is also quite informative, giving more insight to how the Hyuuga clan (Hinata’s clansmen) got their famous Byakugan (white eye power).

Also, while everyone looked a lot hotter, Naruto got a terrible hair cut and wardrobe.

I actually went to watch it in Cathay, because they were the sole distributors. I know I would be able to stream it online some day, but I really wanted to support my childhood anime, and also I was surrounded by like-minded people. Nothing is more enjoyable than to watch a film that is full of hardcore fans like myself. Every one was FLUENT in Naruto.

All my biased opinions aside, the storyline itself was quite a bummer. I think this movie focuses on the love story, and the main drama was just a tool to present the love story better. But the same values of the Naruto universe shows through, about friendship, bonds, and courage. Other than this mildly disappointing factor, the animation is superb as expected. There were a lot of Korean animators this time, and it’s great to have a cross-nation collaboration. The art is slightly different from the Naruto anime, but a lot more refined and detailed, the scenery and detail work were almost like life action. The animation sequence is at the top of the industry as expected, great angles, smooth transitions and high-impact switches of scenes, very good action choreography. Expected nothing less from the Naruto franchise.

The credits animation was the most emotional moment as the couple marries in a Jap-Western fusion wedding, with all the important friends and families in attendance, which also addresses the pair-ups of the minor characters as well.

It is really rare that franchises bother to do this extent of fan-service, to make sure that if we were to die tomorrow, we will die in peace.

I swear that when I am older and more financially capable, I will buy a Naruto box set for keepsake.

Thank you for the wonderful wrap-up.


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