Top 10 of 2010: 1

Our editors unveil their picks for the year 2010, hope you have enjoyed our top 10 picks of the year!

Ihsahn – After [Progressive Metal]

After 2008’s angL, Ihsahn carries on with his path on the progressive metal route, releasing the follow up, After in January, also the final part of the trilogy which started off with 2006’s Adversary. This time featuring Jorgen from Shining on saxophone and Asgeir on drums, it is highly recommended to fans of progressive metal and Emperor. – Clarence (OC ov Assault)


Iron Maiden – The Final Frontier [Heavy Metal]

Iron Maiden is probably one of the few bands that can do whatever the hell they want and still be considered a heavy metal band. This year sees their return with The Final Frontier, one that largely divided the fan base. But ignore the “fan” reactions that discount this album as rubbish and you’ll find the gem that is The Final Frontier. Not their most classic moment, but one of my favourite Maiden album still. Yes, I am biased. So what? – Hong Rui


Periphery – Periphery [Progressive Metal]

Many people will wonder how “metal” Periphery should be considered as, but to me they are the natural progression Meshuggah’s complex poly-rhythms given a melodic twist which will prove to be highly influential in subsequent “Djent”-types of progressive metal and core genres alike. – JJ Yeo


Burzum – Belus [Black Metal]

Varg ‘”Count Grishnackh” Vikernes’ long awaited return opus Belus was initially met with a mixture of eagerness and skepticism due to his experimentation with the ambient genre. The eager was quickly sedated as Belus offered numerous moments of classic Burzum qualities; almost a “return to its former glory and ritz”. And the skeptics instantaneously muted due to the above similar reason. However, Varg aptly infused new elements and created such a lush record worthy to be named the album of the year 2010. – LingNemesis


That concludes our top 10 picks of the year. What are yours?

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