Tour report with Nazxul

Clarence from Heavy Metal Tribune talks to Nazxul to have a quick update with their recent performance at Maryland Deathfest and their tour.

HMT: Ave! How was the show at Maryland Deathfest? You guys have toured some part of the states prior to this festival as well, how was the overall experience?

Maryland Deathfest was our first show of the US tour and was a great experience for us. We were able to meet with a lot of bands we had been in contact for years and build relations with other bands as well. It was a great opportunity for us to witness so many great bands in one location.

How is the crowd generally like in US? Compare to the European side?

American crowds are more active and open than the European crowds, but we had a lot of support from both of the tours.

Prior to the US tour, you guys also released a 7 inch EP entitled “Quickener of the Dead” which include a Beherit cover, maybe you can explain to the fans more why you chose to cover Beherit?

Beherit is a band that Nazxul has been a fan of since the early 90’s. They were at the pinnacle of evil and extreme music at that time and by covering this iconic song we were honoring the old ways of what black metal was and in the underground, still is.

Any Interesting experience you guys encounter during this US tour? Maybe you could share with the fans?

One of the highlights of the US tour was the Gathering Of Shadows situated in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. It was held over two nights with some of the most amazing black metal rituals performed. It had a very intimate atmosphere with the mountains and forest being the backdrop of the event. Bands played whatever they wished for as long as they wanted which made for an amazing experience.

2009 & 2010 is certainly a busy year for Nazxul with the release of Iconoclast & touring schedule, will we be expecting a new Nazxul album anytime soon?

We will be going into the studio later in the year to start recording a new full length album. We will hopefully release the album early 2011 with touring being planned after the release in Australia, and hopefully internationally as well.

Alright, thanks a lot for this short tour report interview!

Hails Clarence and HMT!

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