Triumvir Foul – Spiritual Bloodshed

Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed

American barbaric death metal band Triumvir Foul are back again, with their sophomore album Spiritual Bloodshed. Their 2015 self-titled debut marked a polishing of their musical style from their first demo, with heavy influences from such prominent Ross Bay Cult legends as Conqueror and other inspired acts like Heresiarch, finding some sense of coherence amongst the chaos that they evoked.

Similarly, on Spiritual Bloodshed, the band once again presents their form of chaotic death metal. The hallmarks of filthy death metal, and the trademark sound that the band created on their last release are all present, as Triumvir Foul charges forth at breakneck speed, complete with the pick slides and dissonant riffs that reek of the musical stylings of ConquerorDiocletian, or Witchrist. Ad Infinitum also constantly makes use of furiously trem-picked lines that are rather subtly layered beneath the in-your-face, aggressive rhythmic sections, that keep the listener constantly on edge and leaves one with a growing sense of unease as the album progresses.

The production on Spiritual Bloodshed is cavernous, and the huge soundstage can be experienced on tracks like Disemboweled Pneuma. Along with the heavy riffs and air of negativity that the band summoned, listening to Spiritual Bloodshed is an almost suffocating, apocalyptic experience. The darkness that looms also brings in some slight comparisons to the crushing, and gloomy works of Grave Miasma, though obviously Triumvir Foul has the added element of chaos in their writing.

Within the pandemonium that is Spiritual Bloodshed, there is also a sense of catchiness incorporated in their songwriting, and one could easily find himself headbanging amid the filth that is Triumvir Foul.

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