Triumvir Foul – Triumvir Foul

Triumvir Foul - Triumvir Foul

Triumvir Foul [USA]
Triumvir Foul
Full Length
Blood Harvest
Black/Death Metal

Triumvir Foul‘s debut offering last year in the form of their demo An Oath of Blood and Fire couldn’t come at a worse time, with my interest in the black/death metal genre, in particularly the barbaric, filthy style declining rapidly. For some reason though, their self-titled full length this year held certain promise, and listening to the 42 minute onslaught on Triumvir Foul, it would have been a mistake to give this release a miss as well.

A dank, suffocating atmosphere envelopes the listener right from the start of the journey, as one is left in the hands of Triumvir Foul right from the opening moments of Labyrinthine – The Blood Serpent Unwinds. As the band slowly unveils their style of black/death metal, all the cues to bands that got me into this unforgiving, barbaric style of extreme metal are immediately clear. That cavernous sound that the band adopts on Triumvir Foul is easily reminiscent of the works of Grave Miasma and the Russian horde Pseudogod and their excellent debut, especially in the way the instrumentations are mixed, the spacey ambient, and the echoey vocals of Ad Infinitum.

The songs themselves are equally superb, as the writing and the style bearing stark resemblance to the works of TeitanbloodAntediluvianBestial Raids and the likes. The slight war metal moments that rear their ugly head throughout the album also reminds one of the works of Ross Bay Cult forefathers Conqueror, with the strong emphasis on the riffing and the tinge of chaos that the lead guitars provide.

After encountering countless BlasphemyConqueror, [insert Ross Bay Cult band here] clones, Triumvir Foul breathes some fresh air into this oversaturated genre and style. Listening to Triumvir Foul brings back that excitement that I felt when first encountering bands like Heresiarch and Pseudogod, leaving me with that insatiable hunger for more black/death metal violence once more.


1. Labyrinthine – The Blood Serpent Unwinds
2. Profanation (of the Wicked)
3. Pathways to Decay
4. Hedonistic Prayer – The Abhorrent Depths of Perversion
5. The Vomit of the Three Serpents (Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū)
6. Endless Spiritual Violent
7. Banished to Silence and Slavery
8. Carnal Spectre
9. Tower of Bašmu – The Corruption of Flesh and Spirit

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Blood Harvest

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