Twingiant – Devil Down

Twingiant - Devil Down

Twingiant [USA]
Devil Down
Full Length
Medusa Crush Recordings
Stoner Metal

Boasting a fusion of 70s rock-based guitar and modern sludge metal, Twingiant comes crashing out of Arizona with their sophomore full length album, Devil Down. The thing about stoner bands these days is the tendency to lean towards matters of weed and other psychoactive drugs (WeedeaterAcid King), or what one would probably see or experience when high (or stoned, for that matter). Twingiant is no different, with a slight devilish touch, making Devil Down a promising release.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Album instrumental opener Old Hag gives off a false-chill vibe, with the heavy bass presence and the guitar lines of Nikos and Tony giving off a strong, yet soothing psychedelic vibe, courtesy of the effects used by each of them on their instruments. But things heat up quickly enough, as the guitars start to get heavier, backed by the bass of Jarrod. Soon enough, one finds himself in the middle of a swaying, stoner crowd, as the band presents their style of music with overtones from the likes of Weedeater or Acid King. The aggressive vocals of Jarrod only adds to the overall heaviness of the record, and on the faster and more brutal moments on Devil Down, one starts to hear the resemblance between Twingiant and Japanese stoner merchants Church of Misery.

Sure, there are moments where the band presents a good throwback to early doom of Black Sabbath. But like all good stoner records, the groove is kept up throughout the entire record, courtesy of drummer Jeff who prevents things from going overly aggressive, keeping the pace of the band together.

The band also experiments with their sound on Devil Down. Instead of having an entire record of stoner metal madness, the band explores the more psychedelic side of their songwriting as well. For example, Through the Motions is a nice instrumental track where the band explores different soundscapes, bringing the listener through a whole range of emotions, and Under a Blood Moon throws the listener completely off-track with the different sound that Twingiant has invested on the track.

Aside from Under a Blood MoonDevil Down is pretty much your standard stoner metal record. That said, Twingiant certainly knows their rock and metal roots well, and it shows on the songwriting on Devil Down, making their sophomore release one that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Favourite pick: Through the Motions

1. Old Hag
2. Dead to Rights
3. Daisy Cutter
4. Through the Motions
5. Tiger Lily
6. Under a Blood Moon
7. Devil Down

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