Views from the Pit: Baybeats Day 2


Meltgsnow was scheduled for the 9.30pm slot for day 2 of Baybeats 2010. By 9.15pm, people were already streaming onto the main concert grounds, eagerly awaiting one of Singapore’s best gothic metal acts to come on stage. When the time finally came, everyone instantly went crazy, with chants of “Meltgsnow” coming from the crowd, demanding the band to come onstage.

Unfortunately, things started off awkwardly as technical difficulties were encountered by the sound crew, with the intro track of the performance being cut off for a number of times (causing much jeering from the crowd), before finally getting it right after the 4th of 5th try. As “Through the Ashes of Providence” came on the stereo, the members of the band came up one by one, much to the enthusiasm of the crowd. As I was wondering how Adrian (drummer) was going to be visible (as the smoke machines were covering the drums), he came forward to the front of the stage, encouraging the crowd to break into more cheers.

Finally frontman Dannie aka Lord Insanity appeared onstage as the intro track breaks into “Betrayal”. Fully decked out in black jacket and a metal chain, this was definitely a show worth the wait. After all, what is a Meltgsnow without the water throwing, without the mic bashing and without the asphyxiation? It’s all about stage presence and showmanship, and Meltgsnow’s set definitely encompasses these elements.

After the second track, “Devil’s Mind Ride”, Lord Insanity introduced the guest vocalist that they have been talking about, someone whom people from the extreme metal/gothic metal community are familiar with: Jasmine of Meza Virs. A metal rendition of Depeche Mode’s classic, “Enjoy the Silence” got the crowd once again breaking into a moshpit.

Right after “Empty Sky”, Meltgsnow played a song that was familiar to their core fanbase and which hasn’t been heard in awhile: “Greed for Insanity”. As Lord Insanity puts it, this was the last chance for the crowd to mosh if they have not, and the crowd’s reaction definitely did the song justice, evoking one of the craziest moshpits that Baybeats has ever seen.

Unlike their less active persona when in studio rehearsing for Baybeats, all members of Meltgsnow showed their stage presence live, with axe-wielders Zack, David and Bexxx all constantly moving and going crazy throughout their set, much to our delight.

What better way to end Baybeats day 2 off with a drinks session with Meltgsnow and the SBF crew?

For those who missed this set, fear not. Come 25th September, be prepared for Meltgsnow to destroy the stage at Scape Lab with guests as they launch their sophomore full length album, “Black Penance”.

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