Views from the Pit: Between the Buried and Me

Set List:
1) Obfuscation
2) Disease, Injury, Madness
3) More of Myself to Kill
4) Ants of the Sky
5) Mordecai
6) Swim to the Moon
7) Selkies: The Endless Obsession
8) White Walls

Between the Buried and Me, consisting of vocalist Tommy Rogers, guitarist Paul Waggoner, drummer Blake Richardson, guitarist Dustie Waring, and bassist Dan Briggs dropped by Singapore on 16th March 2010, part of their Great Misdirect World Tour. And the editors of Heavy Metal Tribune were there to catch all the action LIVE at the Substation.

The editor with Blake Richardson and Dan Briggs 

The event had a lively start, right outside Image 2001 in Far East Plaza, as fans gathered there at 4pm for a Meet & Greet with all members of the band. Cheers erupted as the band was spotted making their way into the shop, and the band gamely shook everyone’s hands and posed for some pictures. BTBAM was, surprisingly, a very friendly band, given their pedigree of having performed alongside Swedish heavyweight Opeth, as well as Dream Theater, during the Progressive Nation tour. The editors successfully clinched autographs of all band members, as well as some snapshots with the band.

The gig itself was off to an incredibly late start, with entrance into the hall beginning only at 8.30pm. The news was that BTBAM had serious issues with the transport of their equipment and lost some of them in the process. Everyone got a little impatient, a minor argument occurred (and someone fainted), but the crowd finally managed to enter the hall without other tangles.

The gig was kicked off by a lucky draw, before the band finally appeared. And BTBAM started on a high! The crowd was truly roaring as the band appeared. The first two songs, Obfuscation and Disease, Injury, Madness, which are off their latest album, The Great Misdirect, got everyone nice and warmed up. The band was very tight technically, with drummer Will Goodyear true to form here. The amazing and rapid changes in tempo and time signatures left the editors in a ditz right from the get-go.

Sound at this point was first-rate, given the tiny venue, although the vocalist was struggling to be heard throughout the gig. BTBAM shifted gears, going all the way back to their first album, the self-titled Between the Buried and Me, playing the first track off that album, More of Myself to Kill. This was quite a surprise to the editors; the gig actually managed to cover an entire range of songs throughout the band’s discography. The next song was Ants of the Sky, from their fifth album, Colors. This song is one of the editors’ absolute favorite, and the country rodeo-esque finale of the song was played with delightful panache.

Nothing as brutal as a “XIE XIE NI!”

At this point, the crowd was getting a little hard to ignore. Chants of “Mordecai” punctuated the gig, which seems to be the crowd favorite. And BTBAM finally obliged. The 200-odd crowd was truly moshing and crowd-surfing now, with the editors witnessing multiple surfers at any one time throughout this song. They truly brought the gig to a climax.

A second high was hit, as the band played arguably the best song off their latest album, which is the 17-minute long opus, Swim to the Moon. Once again, the technicality of the band was on full display, as they went from melodic harmonies to insane complex riffs, from soft dynamics to blast-beats. The stamina of the band was simply incredible, especially that of the vocalist, Tommy Rogers. Changing between vocal duties and mashing the keyboard, Tommy’s showmanship was a sight to behold. Very impressive and commanding indeed.

For the encore, the band performed Selkies and White Walls, from the Alaska and Colors albums respectively. The band barely rested as they came out, yet the songs were still as powerful as if they had just begun playing. The gig ended in the same high as when it first began, truly a hallmark of a great band in the making. The editors left the gig breathless, sweaty, and looking forward to the next Great Misdirect.

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©2010 Heavy Metal Tribune | JJ Yeo

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