Views from the Pit: Bualgitar Metal Matinee 7

It was Burhan Skullbanger (Chugga Ritual) aka Brader Bo’s (Vicious Volume) 7th infotainment workshop, which happened to also be the very first time I attended the workshop. This installment of BMM features the link between the guitars and drums, or more specifically the guitarist and the drummer in the band when writing music.

Held at a very cosy studio, J3 music studio, the event kicked off slightly after 4.15pm. Burhan started the session with mouthing his favourite type of drum beat, and asking members of the audience to mouth their favourite drum beats as well, after which he explained the significance of being able to mouth the drumbeats, relating his experience about how he managed to communicate with various musicians about ideas through the mimicry of drums, though it may sound, in his words, “retarded” to many musicians. Thereafter, a demonstration featuring the guitarist and drummer of E-thereal, Rudi and Syamil, showcased the importance of the guitars and the drums in the band and how the tightness between the guitar riffs and playing and the drumming are vital to the overall sound of the band and the tightness of the band.

After the demonstration, there was a short sharing session between Burhan, Syamil and various members of the audience (which included a number of veteran members of the music scene) regarding the programming of drums. While some agreed that drum programming is a simple task, some disagreed and felt that programming of drums could be initially difficult. Burhan then went ahead to show a simple solution to the people who were having difficulties programming drums: a simple keyboard with in-built simulators of other instruments. He continued by telling the audience how he managed to get inspiration through fiddling with the drum effects on the keyboard.

A preview of the new Chugga Ritual song followed, a doom-ish track which was longer than the typical Chugga Ritual song. Soon after that, the next showcase band, Stampede began to set up, as Burhan got their drummer, Matno to share his experiences with various guitarists in different bands. Stampede’s brand of post-hardcore managed to showcase their tightness as a band. In Matno’s words, it is like a catching game between the guitars and the drums, as both complement each other and are required to make the music nice.

Ossuary was the final showcase band of the day. Playing a form of technical groove metal in the veins of bands like Meshuggah, it really showed how the understanding between drummers and guitarists were needed for a band technical as such to really sound good. Drummer Shahril shared his experiences with playing with disciplined and not-so-disciplined guitarists, and how he went about laying down the drum tracks based on what the guitarists’ ideas and improving on them, and what he is capable of so that the music is not compromised. With 4 songs (and also 1 new song), Ossuary managed to relate the gist of this workshop through their playing.

Certainly a good infotainment workshop, featuring the veterans of the music scene (E-thereal, Stampede and Ossuary) and definitely opened my eyes and ears more than before.

Special thanks to Burhan for the invitation! ‘Till the next BMM!

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