Views from the Pit: Fall of Mirra album launch

Those who know my musical preferences will be aware that hardcore and metalcore are rarely my choice of poison, and local metalcore band Fall of Mirra‘s album launch is the first -core gig that I attend and I have to say, the experience has been a rather significantly different compared to the numerous metal shows that I have attended.

Unlike the numerous gigs that attempted to squeeze as many bands as possible into the lineup, Fall of Mirra‘s album launch only had 2 other bands on the bill apart from themselves – Embrace Them Ghosts and Allegiance, and unfortunately we had to give Allegiance‘s set a miss. Embrace Them Ghosts will be performing in the upcoming local alternative music festival Baybeats and their performance was a smaller-scale preview of what will be presented to their fans at their upcoming Baybeats performance. The band displayed their tightness as a unit, and the band’s infectious energy throughout the set, with the synchronised headbanging, among numerous other antics, caused members of the audience to break out into frantic mosh pits once in a while. Vocalist Haliff even remained below the stage throughout the set, having constant interaction with the audience.

Fall of Mirra finally took the stage after Embrace Them Ghosts, and right from the start of the set the energy in the crowd was infectious, with the moshing beginning right from the beginning of their set until the end, garnering some of the most brutal and intense moshing of the night. The checklist for a memorable night was all ticked; kung-fu moshing, circle pits and wall of deaths. The band reminded the crowd that the show was being filmed for an upcoming DVD release, which set them off even more. Vocalist Brandon’s constant interaction with the crowd also ensured that the audience is engaged throughout the set, and proves their experience as a live performance band.

While personally not a fan of the genre of music that the bands played, the album launch has certainly been an extremely successful one, and is definitely a night that fans of the bands will remember in time to come.

Heavy Metal Tribune would like to thank Hadi and Fall of Mirra for the invitation to the album launch.

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