Views from the Pit: Grindhouse II

Grindhouse II reopens this year again, after the successful Grindhouse gig last April. This time, instead of going underground, organiser MourningSound Records decided to go over the top, holding the event at The Arts House chamber, instantly bringing to mind the setting of Exodus‘ music video for Downfall to mind. What better place to start a night of grind and gore than at the old parliament house?

A Bitter Affection kicks off the show just after 5.30 pm. The small and mostly dead crowd, on top of the bassist’s (also recognised as the vocalist of local deathcore outfit Arsonist Treason) injured and wrapped up hand did nothing to prevent them from giving their best for the show. In fact, the lack of activity in the crowd meant that the vocalist had all the space on the floor to himself, to which he made good use of, running amok all over, bursting with energy. Their cover of Lady Gaga‘s Bad Romance, while hardly recognisable at all besides the chorus riffing, displays their ability to have fun onstage, leaving those present with an impression.

Assault then took the stage, their 2nd show in an equal number of weeks (well, technically it hasn’t been another week yet!), so it is no surprise that they are already sufficiently warmed up for this show. The band made a different entrance this time, with the instrumental section playing an introductory track before vocalist Clarence comes on stage, commanding the attention from the crowd. Guitarist Hanesh seems to be on an unlucky streak after last week’s problems with the amplifier, with his high E string breaking after just one song. While awaiting for the change of strings, the band entertains the crowd with a cover of Bloodbath‘s Eaten. A surprise rendition of Iron Maiden‘s The Trooper towards the end of the set instantly set the heads banging, before the band ends their set with crowd favourite Fall of Obscurity.

No Rest for the Weary comes on stage next, replacing The Corruptor on the lineup, who were originally slated to play their debut show on Grindhouse II, leading to a certain sense of disappointment among fans who were eager to catch them. However, they did not fail to impress, with the band showing off their abrasive yet technical brand of deathcore. The technical riffs unleashed on both axe-wielders’ 7-strings got the crowd to begin a mini hardcore dancing fit for a moment, the first for the night.

Analdicktion also released their debut album that night.

Truth Be Known takes the stage next, and the crowd instantly knows that they are in for a good time. The new outfit, a blood-stained office wear seems almost like an omen on the blood that will be shed on their set. Frontman Subash constantly commands the audience to do, among many things, to “stand up and come in front” and “don’t be a cheebye (vagina/pussy)”. The new grindcore direction that the band has headed towards certainly upped the fun factor in the music, with songs such as Sucks to be You and new song Life Kills You getting the crowd moving. As the band ends their set with Just Another Lamb, Subash and guitarist Damien moves to the floor, motioning the crowd to get onto the stage, telling them that “now is the time for you to go fuckin’ crazy!” before breaking into the final chorus, reminding everyone that we are all “Just Another fuckin’ Lamb!”.

Cardiac Necropsy kicks off their 20th anniversary tour as well, with Grindhouse II being the first date that they play to commemorate their 20th year of existence. The amount of experience that they have is evident in their performance, playing songs from albums spanning their entire career. The band’s brand of goregrind instantly set off a number of moshpits, and crowd-surfing was constant fare as well. The cover of Impaled Nazarene‘s Armageddon Death Squad also instantly upped the intensity level, with the crowd going crazier than before.

And finally, headliners Truth Corroded closes the show. Having been here 2 years ago for MourningSound Record’s Full Battle Order show, they are no stranger to the crowds who have already seen them before, and vice versa, only this time they are back with their new album, Worship the Bled. The energy that is bursting out from the band is evident, with the guitarists running all over the stage, climbing onto the seats next to the stage, among the many stage antics. Towards the end of the set, frontman Jason gets the crowd to prepare for a circle pit, perhaps the most violent and intense one for the night. Unfortunately, their set had to be cut short by 1 song due to time constraints at the venue, amid the many boos and shouts for one last track by the adrenaline-pumped crowd. Nevertheless, it was a good show put up by Truth Corroded, as usual and judging from the reactions from the crowd, everyone had a jolly good time.

What better way to end off the show with supper and rounds of drinks at the famous BK Eating House?

Once more, a shout-out and a huge thank you to the bands that performed at Grindhouse II. Thanks to Bret @ MourningSound Records as well for putting together this awesome show!

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