Views from the Pit: Meltgsnow Black Penance Album Launch

The Meltgsnow Black Penance album launch was held 2 Saturdays ago, 25th September 2010. For those who missed this night of insanity, here’s a short recap:

After a short delay, the doors opened and a small crowd was seen moving into Scape Lab, the venue of this event. Age of Sinfonia were the first band onstage, presenting to the crowd their brand of symphonic metal. It was a delight watching the band perform as the lighting effects complimented the band’s music, making the band seem epic on a small stage. After a couple of their originals and a few covers from the likes of Epica, their set came to an end.

Fall of Mirra was up next. With their infectious and aggressive brand of metalcore, coupled with frontman Brandon’s and guitarist Hadirman’s stage presence, it was sufficient to get the crowd to nod their heads along to their music. Already having experiences from touring many different countries in Southeast Asia, the band was tighter than before, providing much ear candy to the crowds present.

Lunarin was another one of the highlights for the night. Being one of the most experienced bands in the lineup (they have played together for more than 15 years!), they showed the crowds what they were capable of. With vocalist Linda commenting how guitarist Kah Wye is not covering his pedals (which he usually does with a cloth), curious glances were casted over. Linda’s vocals, Kah Wye’s guitars and Eng Teck’s drumming (and not forgetting his nice vocal harmonising as well while behind the drum set) certainly came together nicely and set the crowd moving to the new tunes off their second album, Duae.

And finally, the moment that the crowd has been waiting for. As the intro to the Black Penance album was played over the PA, the members came onstage one by one, drawing cheers from the crowd. The band promptly broke into Death Takes My Soul, instantly causing the crowd to break out into chaos. Unfortunately, after the end of their second song, technical difficulties were experienced on the bass. As the crowd waited for the problem to be fixed, cries of guitar and drum solos to Zac and Adrian were shouted out and much to the crowd’s delight, they complied and treated them to a few minutes of guitars-and-drums entertainment.

Of course, how could a Meltgsnow set not involve throwing of water towards the crowd, asphyxiation by frontman Lord Insanity and intense headbanging? As the climax was built up through song after song from Black Penance, guest vocalist Candice came onstage to join the band in the performance of the album closing track, Love For My Seraph. But this did not mark the end of the set for Meltgsnow, instead they had a surprise for the crowd. As the introduction to Iron Maiden’s Hallowed Be Thy Name was played, the crowd sang along to the verses. Right after the introduction, chaos broke and people started pushing and moshing and headbanging intensely. The set ended (supposedly) with crowd favourite Greed for Insanity.

As the band members walked off one by one from the stage, emcee Remy (Trippy Factory, Evil Singing Pandas) cued the crowd to chant for “Meltgsnow! Meltgsnow!”. After a good 5 minutes of chanting, the band came onstage and finally closed the show with a song off their debut album, Raped.

Definitely a fun and memorable night for all those present, and yet another awesome gig by Bret (Mourningsound Records). Thanks to Bret for the complimentary tickets and for the fantastic night!

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