Views from the Pit: Meltgsnow Live @ Sonic Forge Festival

As a familiar gig attendee of Meltgsnow like myself who have witnessed them live earlier back in Singapore at Esplanade’s Baybeats festival and their album – Black Penance launch concert at *Scape to name afew, I was all too well acquainted with their various stage antics. Their majestic introduction track was shortened to the deep reverberating heartbeats, signaling the arrival of Lord Insanity onstage who effortlessly upped the ante and transited to the first song – “Betrayal” from their second album of their evening aural opus in the iconic and historic landmark along St Kilda beach – The Esplanade Hotel, which is better known by the locals as “The Espy”. The intense melodic and catchy piece got the crowd sufficiently warmed up. The evening’s feverish madness proved only to be an incline, as “Betrayal” flowed seamlessly to “Devil’s Mind Ride”, refusing the crowd and the band of any respite or a breather.

After “Devil’s Mind Ride”, Lord Insanity formally introduced the band to the Australian crowd and that Meltgsnow hails from Singapore. Speaking of hails, Lord Sanity took a moment to mention my presence as a journalist (from Heavy Metal Tribune, obviously) from Singapore, I sincerely wasn’t expecting that when the stage lights panned towards me and the easily 500-800 strong crowd in The Gerswhin Room stared right back at me! Moving on, “Empty Sky” took rein steadfast tightly followed by “Lost Your Messiah”, featured in their second album. I recalled hearing some guy from the crowd shouted out, “Fucking awesome!” at some juncture. By this moment, necks were plentifully seen swinging in arcs and devil horns strewn across the horizon of metalheads.

The title track of their second album – “Black Penance” blared out next, what was interesting was the appearance of Tim Charles from Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris joining in with Lord Insanity in the chorus portion. It was certainly fun and refreshing to witness 2 metal musicians from 2 countries onstage together. The crowd was then treated with “Death Takes My Soul”, by this time the Australian crowd would have been adequately familiarized with the Meltgsnow sound. The aural pillage was aptly ended with their signature track from their debut album – “Greed for Insanity”. Thus successfully cemented Meltgsnow of their place within the Australian metal community as comments from the crowd include “Nothing can top that, ever!” and “They are really good, aren’t they?” to recall a few.

In retrospect, it was surreal to hear and watch a Singaporean band when one is miles away from Singapore. It almost felt right at home headbanging to such familiar tunes, except that I am the only Singaporean in the crowd. Also, let’s not forget the fact that it feels damn great and patriotic to see foreigners enjoying the Singaporean brand of metal as much as I do.

Hail yeah, Meltgsnow!

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