Views from the Pit: Misery Index

America’s leading death metal/grindcore band “Misery Index” was here in Singapore for its South-East Asia Touring on 9 April 2010 @ Substation. Our editor, Clarence, had the extreme privilege to catch their performance live for the first time.

The editor reached the venue around 6.30 pm, where the crowd was being greeted by the Cynical Sounds Crew. It was only around 8pm when the crowd was allowed to start entering the venue. The gig was kicked off by the opening band, Singapore’s very own death metal veteran Itnos, a very kick ass & tight set they performed showcasing some of their new original from their upcoming EP. They also covered songs from death metal legends Death and Carcass.

After a half an hour set by Itnos comes the headlining band Misery Index. The crowd was greeted by guitarist and vocalist “Mark Kloeppel”, although it’s a pity I didn’t get manage to get a hold of their set list for the night.

The band managed to played songs from albums like Retaliate, Discordia and Traitors. One of the definite highlight from the gig, personally will be the new song from their upcoming new album, Heirs To Thievery which Mark claimed to be one of the fastest song ever written by the band.

Another highlight of the gig was definitely the encore when the crowd turned crazy with the last two songs being played by the band, with all the headbanging and circle pits that were formed.

And lastly the editor managed to congratulate all of the Misery Index members for their successful show in Singapore and also had one of the albums autographed as well. The editor would also like to personally thank Zul of Cynical Sounds for organizing such as awesome show for that night!

The editor with guitarist Sparky Voyles

©2010 Heavy Metal Tribune | Clarence

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