Views from the Pit: Paul Di’Anno Live in Singapore

Paul Di'Anno Live in SingaporeFans of old school heavy metal rejoiced as Paul Di’Anno, the original voice of Iron Maiden hit the shores of Singapore last night. While Bruce Dickinson may be known as the air-raid siren for his works on The Number of the Beast and The Trooper, Paul Di’Anno’s work with the band has a more punkish vibe, with classics like WrathchildKillers and of course, the eponymous iron Maiden still being played by the current incarnation of Iron Maiden till this day.

Age may have caught up with Di’Anno, but the fiery spirit of punk and heavy metal still burns on in him, and fans gladly embraced the music of Di’Anno and backing band, Suicide Solution (yet another of my personal favourite local heavy metal bands). From the get-go, it is a nice trip down memory lane for followers of Iron Maiden, both young and old as Di’Anno belts out songs from the first two Maiden albums, Iron Maiden and Killers. While it has only been two days since Di’Anno arrived in Singapore, and the band has had hardly any time to jam together before the gig, the chemistry is still evident between the band and Di’Anno, sounding extremely tight throughout the entire set.

While the show could have easily been all about Di’Anno, he made sure that the members of Suicide Solution got their due credit as well, with the band playing the instrumental tracks Transylvania and The Ides of March to much support from the crowd. To keep fans excited, Di’Anno also often engaged in random banter with the crowd, constantly showing his appreciation for the undying support that fans have given to him throughout his musical career.

Unlike the Iron Maiden concert of 2011 that was held in the Indoor Stadium, Di’Anno’s gig was held in the smaller, but way intimate venue of the Hard Rock Cafe at Cuscaden, which allowed for fans to be as up close and personal to Di’Anno as possible. The close proximity between fans and the band allowed for fans to reach out to Di’Anno, with him returning the favour and showing his appreciation for the support, throwing up the horns and high-fiving fans that were within his reach.

After an hour and a half long set, Di’Anno finally ended the set with the song that most were waiting for the night – Iron Maiden. The first riffs immediately got everyone moshing and headbanging furiously, with virtually everyone present singing along to every words of the song. The end of the set left fans wanting more, and the band returned once again, with an encore of Running Free and Ramones‘ Blitzkrieg Bop, once more displaying Di’Anno’s punk roots and influences.

Kudos to Street Noise Productions for yet another well-organised gig, and for another memory for fans of Iron Maiden that will last for eternity.

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