Views from the Pit: Resurrection II

After the extremely successful Resurrection gig in 2009 (which coincidentally also featured Rudra on the lineup), it was no surprise that there was certainly a certain level of expectation when Resurrection II was announced this year, with only about 2 weeks’ worth of promotional time. However, from the responses towards the event, this was set to be a memorable time for those who decided to turn up for the gig, which was also the official launch of Rudra‘s latest album, Brahmavidya: Immortal I.

Fresh from their recent performances in Philippines and Malaysia after the launch of their debut EP, The Exceptions of the Rebellions, Assault was the band to open the show. The set started with a new song to be on their debut full length album (to be recorded later this year), a preview of the direction that the band is going to take, leaving listeners and the audience with more brutality, more blast beats and more headbanging. The band also played selected numbers off their recently released EP, with the crowd finally starting to move with the crowd-favourite, Fall of Obscurity. The 2 cover songs (Kataklysm and Bloodbath) also displayed the band’s ability on the individual instruments. While guitarist Hanesh encountered technical difficulties which certainly slightly affected the enjoyment of the set, nothing stopped the band from giving the audience an early pleaser to the show.

Zaganoth took the stage after Assault, with the band appearing in… Semi-casual attires (if you consider a jacket with running tights semi-casual, that is). While this is nothing compared to frontman Jaarvis previous outfits oat previous gigs, it certainly caused Zaganoth to stand out amongst the lineup in terms of performance attire. Before the start of the set, Jaarvis promised that this was going to be a fun set since everyone’s here to have fun, and they certainly did not disappoint. The cover of songs by the likes of Bob Dylan while leaving the crowd in a “wtf?!” moment, was hilarious (and I definitely meant that in a good way!), along with the moment when Jaarvis started dancing around onstage. What better way to end the set with a medley of Rain in Blood and I Got Erection? Certainly left the crowd dying and craving for more blood, and *ahem* an erection!

Having already watched Thy Fallen Kingdom a couple of times with previous vocalist Dave, this is the first time witnessing a public TFK show with new vocalist Aidil. Unlike Dave’s style of vocals, Aidil presents a more vicious vocal style, spitting out the lyrics with hate and spite, creating a larger impact to the already infectious songs on the band’s previous studio offerings. The band’s musicianship is evident with the quick setup and the razor sharp riffs unleashed by the individual members. It didn’t take much for the band to get the crowd to start a moshpit, from the start until the end of their set.

Nafrat took the stage with storm after that, this time featuring Cedric (Meza Virs) on guest vocals. Also having recently performed in Indonesia at the Misery Index show with the same lineup, the band was as prepared as they can be, and Cedric also proves his prowess behind the microphone, with his intense stage presence immediately commanding attention and control over the audience, as the crowd breaks into a moshpit and headbanging frenzy upon his call. The crushing riffs ensured that fans of brutal death metal and curious onlookers are constantly hooked.

IronfisT has ditched their usual outfit of spikes and Sabbat-esque outfit, choosing to go the old school and well-tested rock n roll leather route this time. However, this in no way discounts IronfisT‘s stage presence as vocalist Rape “the mad” Alhazred maintains the insane stage presence and onstage antics that he is known for. The band played songs from their entire catalogue, including a number of cover songs. Their cover of GG Allin‘s Bite It You Scum particularly managed to get the crowd moving, with vocalist “the mad” coming down into the crowd to join in the mini-moshpit before being thrown back on stage by the crowd for the final moments of the song.

And finally, the moment that everyone has been waiting for: Rudra‘s performance that marks the official release of Brahmavidya: Immortal I. While the show was aimed to be the release for the new album, the band pleased the crowd with a wide selection of songs from their entire catalogue, for a set lasting about 1 hour. Songs such as crowd favourite Aryaputra and Rudrapatni ensured that the hype remained high throughout the set. Songs off Immortal I such as Vultures of Slavery were also well-received, with the mood remaining high and the crowd in a constant moshpit. Of course, how could anyone forget the explanations of songs between songs by frontman Kathi? The middle of the set also saw Kathi reminding fans to “support the band if you are able to afford the albums, if not just download it and give us your moral support”, which saw the crowd breaking into a cheer. The set ended with the standard crowd-favourite The Pathless Path to the Knowable Unknown, with the encore song being In the Fourth Quarter: Turiya

Certainly an extremely memorable gig for some time to come, displaying the brilliance of Singapore metal bands. Thanks to Nesh (Lights Out Inc.) and the performing bands for the night of good music and a fun time!

You can view our photo album for Resurrection II over here.

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