Views from the Pit: Truth Be Known EP Launch

Truth Be Known’s EP launch was held last Saturday, 28th July. Featuring Stillborn, Taiwanese guests Solemn and label mates Bhelliom, this was a show that kicked much ass.

The lineup:
Truth Be Known

Stillborn was up first for the night. Playing mostly originals, they helped to warm up the crowd with their frenetic stage antics. They also probably served as a good sound check as well, as the mix seemed to be rather muddy, which was resolved later for the rest of the bands. Issues with the drumstick also dogged their performance (breaking and flying off), but they had sufficient stage presence to manage the issues decently.

Bhelliom took the stage after Stillborn, continuing the high energy performance, playing a mixture of new and old songs. At All The King’s Pawn, Damien’s string unfortunately snapped, causing the song to be carried on with only Edward on the guitar. After a fresh change of string, they decided to replay the song again (what perfectionists haha!), but unfortunately encountered yet another technical difficulty towards the end of the song, this time with Edward’s guitar going silent for a few moments. Yet these technical glitches proved insufficient to stop Bhelliom from putting up a good show and giving everyone a headbangin’ good time. Loved Edward’s 7-string Dean Razorback!

Taiwanese guests Solemn then promptly set up their instruments before disappearing off stage again, leaving me to wonder what’s going on. Background music was played while the members came on stage one by one, an intro to the member of sorts. For people who have never heard of Solemn, before judging the diminutive singer on stage, she proves larger than life as she instantly breaks into her death growls. The catch here is how she manages to do both growls and sing cleans that makes her part of the melodic death metal outfit that is Solemn. With little effort, they managed to get the crowd moshing and headbanging, even a mini wall-of-death towards the end of their set. Solemn is certainly one band that knows how to have fun, and yet are serious about their music at the same time.

Finally Truth Be Known took the stage, this being Damien’s and Gene’s second set for the night. While setting up, it was funny to see them commenting about how everyone had left the place. As the Godfather theme started playing through the PA, marking the start of the show, people started drifting in. With Subash’s hair nicely tied up and dressed in a long sleeved shirt complete with suspenders, it felt like this is going to be a different show. But Truth Be Known proved everyone that it was going to be a fun set right from Subash’s stage antics (moving along to the Godfather theme song). His dressing was all in vain as their set started, with him breaking into an intense mood in the opening song, Welcome Back Frank. It was certainly a nice welcome for those who stayed till the end for this set showcased the new songs on Truth Be Known’s new EP, Asphyxihate. After all this was their EP launch and after their teaser set at the Defiled (Grindhouse) gig, expectations were high and they certainly did not fail to meet them. The madness continued as they showed the “grindcore” side of them playing 2 songs that effectively lasted less than half a minute. At the ending track, a cover of Sepultura’s Refuse/Resist, a whole host of musicians that played that night were invited on stage to join Truth Be Known, ending the show in a truly epic fashion.

Truth Be Known and guests: Refuse/Resist!

The gig ended with a short photo session with the bands that performed (thanks Ayla from SRH!). Thanks to Bret from Mourningsound Records for the complimentary passes and putting together such a good lineup, and the bands for putting up a great show. It was a pity that Assault didn’t manage to play due to unforeseen circumstances, but we’ll catch them again very soon!

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