What’s Spinning? (May 2010, Week 2)

Every week we will have our editors and some of our guest writers tell us about what they have been listening to and recommend it to our readers.

Band: Vintersorg
Album: Ödemarkens Son
Genre: Viking Metal
Year: 1999

In this second album of the solo project of Borknagar’s brainchild – Andreas “Vintersorg” Hedlund presents an array of elegantly structured opuses of viking metal with pinches of glorious black metal. His unique brand of epic vocals seem to be a prominent feature of Vintersorg’s sound, coupled with ripping guitar work and sensible amount of well placed drumming. The combined sound with esoteric and far-flung Scandinavian themes of nature’s inherent beauty in lyrics, you can safely bet on countless long bus rides with this album playing and the feeling of your mind being on a very different ride – the ride into the Vintersorg’s realm. – LingNemesis

Band: Alice Cooper (feat. Ozzy Osborne, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Slash, Nikki Sixx, etc)
Album: Classicks
Genre: Hard Rock/ Shock Rock/ Glam Rock/ Heavy Metal
Year: 1995

Time for good old school rock and roll! It is really hard to pick out one favourite album out of Alice Cooper’s works. There’s just so many great hits, and this is probably the best compilation I can use AND which also includes most of my all time favourite Alice Cooper songs in an album. This column is a cruel idea. I love artistes and not by their albums or hits. Who the fuck dare complain that Alice Cooper has no bloody link to heavy metal at all? Alice Cooper is probably one of the pioneers who associated Heavy Metal with shock and horror (Ooh the crazy stage performances). I love how metal is theatrical and thrilling, much like how we’d put ourselves time and time again through the many Saw movies, AND I am glad that it has also influenced the mainstream pop scene to go gaga, ya’noe? Heavy Metal should never be just about the music and boring shows with just t-shirt and jeans. I won’t say that Alice Cooper is a great singer or what but he does have his unique raspy and coarse voice that we identify today as ‘Rocker’s Voice’. Alice Cooper’s brand of music is more of a concept: Lyrics are like describing the settings of a horror movie, and how you’d be drained by that monster, but it is metaphorically talking about the side effects of love. It’s radically so-sick-but-true how the way he views things. He’s fucking crazy. Where did you think the half-fucked Marilyn Manson got his name and idea from? (Alice Cooper, band name is Alice Cooper too, geddit?) Even his compilation name is a play on ‘classic’ and ‘sick’. Musicians of his era are all perfectionists when it comes to their shows. It is pure hard work and determination just like how girls will spend hours putting on make-up just to go downstairs for dinner. Every appearance has to make a point.

And just in time for the kiddie’s June holidays, remember to party like a rockstar with the song “School’s Out”…you should always blast it on your last bloody day of school.

So if you like good old silent horror like Nosferatu, you’d enjoy not just this album, but the world of Alice Cooper. I don’t care if I am supposed to recommend an album. I am recommending an artistic revolutionist, and stopping at one of his stuff is pure insult 🙂 – CynnedCynner

Band: Yob
Album: The Illusion of Motion
Genre: Doom/Sludge Metal
Year: 2004

YOB’s catchy sludgy albums rarely miss and this one definitely doesn’t. Full of mid-paced doom and sludge, similar to the likes of fellow sludge/stoner legends Electric Wizard and Sleep, this album will win fans over at the first few listens. Mike’s vocal is powerfully emotional and raw, regardless of whether he is singing, screaming or screeching. Definitely recommended for acid trips. – JJ Yeo
Band: Draconis Infernum
Album: Death In My Veins
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2008
Pure relentless black metal aural assault hailing from Singapore. Draconis Infernum is perhaps one of the most recognised names and faces in the Singapore black metal circle. Death In My Veins is their debut album, featuring 5 tracks that will leave you begging for more at the end of 30 minutes of mayhem. With their blasphemous and unforgiving lyrics and music, it’s sure to get all you Christian fanatics pissing your pants! If fast and brutal Asian extreme metal is what you are looking for, look no more because you have found your starting point. – Hong Rui

Band: Moonspell
Album: Wolfheart
Genre: Gothic/Black Metal
Year: 1995

A year after releasing the highly acclaimed Under the Moonspell EP in 1994, Moonspell released yet another classic album entitled Wolfheart. With his raspy and clean vocals, vocalist Fernando Riberio definitely brings a mystical feeling to the songs on this album. The album also features doom, black and even folk influences in the guitar riffs.

Songwriting and music for this album, while tend to be complicated, remains great at the same time. The gothic, black and folk metal influences really shine on the album, making it one of the standouts of its time. The keyboards on the album contributes an ethereal atmosphere, not to mention guitarist Ricardo Amorin’s excellence performance as well. If Night Eternal is a modern classic for the band, Wolfheart will be the milestone for Portugal metal.

Recommended tracks: Wolfshade, Love Crimes, Alma Mater, Vampira. – Clarence

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  1. A pleasant inclusion of Moonspell in the list! I am surprised that not many people (both in the metal and goth subcultre here) have heard of this band and its such a pity since they have a couple of gems like Vampira (an ideal soundtrack for a Rob Zombie horror flick). Anything but eggtarts they are, keep up the good work and surprises galore, cheers

  2. Moonspell is one of my fav goth bands as well. Don't really know their earlier stuff but I loved Under Satanae and Night Eternal.

  3. Hi Dalsix thanks for the compliment, i'm a fan of Moonspell for quite some times now, yeah not many people have listen to Moonspell maybe with the expection on Night Eternal, they're a great band and will always be 🙂

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