WINTERSUN To Release Finnish Democracy

Jari was one of my personal favourite musicians during my first forays into extreme metal, first following his works with Ensiferum and later Wintersun, with the self-titled Wintersun leaving a particularly deep memory and eventually becoming one of my favourite melodic death metal albums of all time. The epic soundscape that the band managed to create, along with the songs and themes of winter were extremely charming, and could easily be considered one of its kind, if not, the best of its kind at the point of its release.

Over the years though, mainman Jari has continuously postponed updates and the release of information regarding the follow-up album, Time. 8 long years later, the band finally confirms some details of the album, including the fact that the album will be released in 2 parts, Time I and Time II. After so much delay, the hype has certainly died down a little, with fans’ patience long being worn out. But the band promises the album to be one that will be satisfying, as the October release date for Time I draws near.

From now till the official release (or leak) of the album then, we can only hope that this wouldn’t be another Chinese Democracy. And that Time II will not present another of such long wait.

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