ZAGANOTH Releases New Instrumental Track

Zaganoth is a really hard band to take seriously despite the death metal tag that they give themselves, what with the various stage antics that they have attempted in recent gigs, like the stripping down to nothing but underwear to having weird costumes. Just look at frontman Jaarvis and his getup. And to be honest, I have never really been aware of the band’s original materials, with the band perhaps being known for their tongue-in-cheek covers and rather unexpected song choices. But this week, the band presents their new instrumental track, Defying the Heavens.

Those who want to skip the nonsense and go straight to the song can just scroll straight down. The music on Defying the Heavens hardly reeks of the aggression of death metal, and instead has a rather heavy groove along with a nice melodic lead guitar, sounding more like a ballad track instead, removing all prior impressions of the band as one that does not take themselves seriously, or one that is just full on aggressive death metal. Drums get a little synthetic though. Whatever it is, just enjoy the track.

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