Album Review: Abaddon Incarnate – Pessimist

Abaddon Incarnate - Pessimist

Abaddon Incarnate [Ireland]
Full Length
Candlelight Records
Death Metal/Grindcore

When I first listened to Abaddon Incarnate‘s latest album Pessimist I failed to look through the band’s history, almost expecting Pessimist to be another death/thrash release, so it was really a (still pretty nice) surprise hearing a style that leans closer towards grindcore. With the band’s last full length release in 2009, the critically acclaimed Cascade, fans have been left eagerly anticipating for yet another round of relentless, death/grind mastery.

The band wastes no time in sugar coating their musical style, and right from opening title track, the band goes into their brand of high octane, chaotic style of death metal/grindcore, fusing that buzzsaw tone of the Swedish veins such as Nihilist and Entombed with the punkish energy, high intensity grindcore of Napalm Death or Brutal Truth to create a sound that is rather close to the Swedish death/grind of Nasum and Rotten Sound.

While guitarists Bill and Steve provide much of the chaos, the flurry of riffs that are unleashed by the duo are held together by the drums of Johnny King, who despite the speed that Abaddon Incarnate focuses on, manages to retain that deadly precision, making the material on Pessimist all the more powerful and impactful. Furthermore, the sharing of vocal duties between Bill and Steve also makes listening to Pessimist even more destructive, with each of them focusing on a particular range of vocals – the former on the higher vocals and the latter on the lower ones. Bassist Finnerty adds to the overall heaviness of the sound of Abaddon Incarnate, and is also given his own spot to shine on the rather punkish intro of Impaled Upon Your Zodiac.

The entire tour of destruction ends in a mere 35 minutes, yet the high energy that is contained within the short 35 minute of Abaddon Incarnate‘s latest opus is sufficient to leave the listener coming back for even more.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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