Album Review: Alkira – Red Devil

Alkira - Red Devil

Alkira [Australia]
Red Devil
Thrash Metal

Thrash revival has hit Australia fast and hard, with all the recent discoveries of thrash gems coming out of the region. With Mason performing their first gig outside of Australia last week, my interest in thrash from Down Under has intensified. And while technically speaking Alkira were here (in Singapore) before Mason on their performance with Havok, it wasn’t until very recently that I finally got to listen to their 2013 EP, Red Devil.

Having been presented on the same bill with a band like Havok, one would almost expect Alkira to have a sound that is similar to them – fast, intense and extremely aggressive. Red Devil kicks off with a rather high-octane pace, and with the relentless battery of Ryan, and the structure of the title track, the similarities are rather strong. This especially so with the riffs unleashed by Greg and Kyle, and the gang-shouts that help to bring about comparisons with bands like Bonded by Blood, to classics such as Exodus.

Yet such speed is not the main goal of Alkira. For the most part though, the band shows a rather melodic style of playing, with huge sections of the album being mid-paced. For instance, The Night Mare sees the band replacing that speed with heaviness, with the complexity of Greg’s and Kyle’s playing instead bringing in a rather strong Metallica or Testament influence, all the while keeping the groove in their playing and songwriting.

Despite it’s short length of just slightly over 20 minutes, the material on Red Devil certainly displays the potential that Alkira has, and is a nice introduction to the band’s craft.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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