Album Review: Cemetery Lust – Orgies of Abomination

Cemetery Lust - Orgies of Abomination

Cemetery Lust [USA]
Orgies of Abomination
Full Length
Hells Headbangers
Black/Thrash Metal

Simply looking at the artwork of Cemetery Lust‘s latest release,  Orgies of Abomination, one would easily mistake it for one of those bestial releases out of the 80s or 90s, with that evil vibe and that rather raw cover artwork that goes with the album. Yet this is the American band’s latest album, their second one following their debut full length release in 2012.

But the bestial and filthy image that one has of the band thus far is quickly proven right by the band. Inhumane Indulgence sets an ominous backdrop for the listener, with that disturbing spoken sample and the haunting keyboards at the background, leaving one to almost expect an old school Swedish death metal release. After almost 2 minutes of wankery on the whammy bar, Cemetery Lust hits the listener with Mass Grave Orgy, and the urgency in the riffs of Squid Nasty and Nasty Nate quickly lead one to draw references to the early South American extremity of bands such as Sepultura or Sarcofago, though that blackened vibe and that grittiness that is in the sound of Cemetery Lust also brings about comparisons to bestial war metal bands such as Blasphemophagher.

However, for the most part, the band does not forget to keep that catchy factor in their music, and this is where the early Teutonic influences of the band can be clearly heard, with the band often drawing inspiration from the earlier works of Teutonic legends such as Kreator and Sodom to keep things as fast, yet as catchy as possible. Vocalist Evil Andrew even has a rather punkish vocal technique, giving a nice crossover/punk vibe to Orgies of Abomination, with moments where the listener almost expects gang vocals to be utilised alongside the many fist-pumping moments littered throughout the album.

While some may not understand the raw and old school effort that Cemetery Lust has put in, what remains undeniable throughout the album is in how Cemetery Lust has managed to keep the listener enchanted throughout the entirety of Orgies of Abomination, making this one hell of a fun and memorable album with its reckless indulgence in evilness.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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