Album Review: Demonic Rage – Venomous Wine from Putrid Bodies


Demonic Rage [Chile]
Venomous Wine from Putrid Bones
Full Length
Iron Bonehead Productions
Death Metal

Yes! More South American death metal madness! This time it’s Chile’s Demonic Rage and their debut full length album, Venomous Wine from Putrid Bones, their first full length onslaught since their formation in 2001 and after countless demos and splits.

True to their South American roots, Demonic Rage doesn’t hold back a single bit in their aural assault, and right from the opening moments of Repugnant Shapes in a Ritualistic Coven of Death, the band hits the listener hard and fast. Drummer Abhorer maintains a breakneck speed throughout most of the record, and the urgency that he presents, along with the chaotic leads of Raul helps to give a somewhat belligerent feel, reminding one of a more chaotic version of bands like Bestial Raids or Antediluvian.

Yet there are more doomish passages on the album as well like on All Pest Shall Fall over Me, and the cavernous sound that the band has produced also brings about some Grave Miasma resemblances, although for the most part the heavier and more crushing side of the band is rather reminiscent of Incantation or even the more filthy style of bands like SlugathorUndergang or Desecresy. Furthermore, the haunting lead that is on the track, along with the tortured growls of Satran on the aforementioned track easily sends chills down the listener’s back, and shows the more atmospheric side of the band’s songwriting.

Demonic Rage‘s Venomous Wine from Putrid Bones upholds the style that South American has come to be known for – dark, crushing and filthy. Fans of the more barbaric and chaotic style of death metal will not be disappointed by what is the band’s first full length release in 13 years.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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