Album Review: Dichotomy – Paradigms

Dichotomy - Paradigms

Dichotomy [Ireland]
Full Length
Melodic/Technical Death Metal

Ireland is probably one of the lesser-heard country from Europe in terms of its metal exports, with Dichotomy being one of the very few Irish bands that I encounter so far. This year sees the band release their debut full length album Paradigms, with the band unleashing their brand of melodic and technical death metal upon the extreme metal masses.

Introductory track Empyrean sets a rather soothing and calming mood, and despite this rather folkish introduction to ParadigmsDichotomy quickly shows their true colours as soon as all hell breaks loose with The Sentient Oppressed, with sweep-picked intro of the track easily reminding one of technical death metal legends such as Necrophagist and Obscura. The band’s technical abilities are undeniable and this is rather obvious as the album progresses, with guitarists Andrew and Steven displaying lots of fretboard acrobatics, sounding as though they were child’s play, and combined with that pristine production on the album, one can’t help but think of Obscura on the lead segments on the album. Similarly, drummer David also displays his versatility and agility behind the kit, providing lots of the energy on the record.

The complexity and technicality does not stop only in the playing style of the individual members, but also in the way that the band compose and write their songs, easily transitioning between full-on technical wankery to more emotional and melodic moments, preventing themselves from becoming just another robotic, technical band. The way the band incorporates melodic death metal elements into their music can be heard on songs like All-Seeing Eye. Vocalist Kevin even brings about some resemblance to the famed Christian Alvestam, with the thick growls reminding one of his works with Scar Symmetry, and it is often through his vocals that the human and emotional aspects of the music are fully brought out.

I have to say, for someone who isn’t exactly big on technical death metal, with the melodies that Dichotomy has managed to infuse into their debut album, it has certainly made Paradigms an extremely enjoyable album personally to say the least, without compromising any of their technical side. Definitely a nice and balanced death metal record.

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