Album Review: Divine Chaos – A New Dawn in the Age of War

Divine Chaos - A New Dawn in the Age of War

Divine Chaos [UK]
A New Dawn in the Age of War
Full Length
Evil Eye Records
Melodic Death/Thrash Metal

It’s been quite a long while since I encountered such an impactful modern thrash metal record. UK’s Divine Chaos may have only just released their debut full length album A New Dawn in the Age of War this year, but having been honing their craft since 2006, the band sure knows how to write and produce one hell of a record.

Album opener Last Confession immediately throws the listener into a myriad of speed-infused riffs, and the urgency with which the band goes at, along with that intense drumming of James Stewart (also of Vader fame) quickly reminds one of the more modern thrash bands such as Havok and Bonded by Blood. At the same time as well, with the crushing riffs of Chris O’Toole and Gilmour and the rather prominent bass of Dave Bennett, one also quickly sees how the band has drawn influences from some of the founding thrash bands such as Exodus and Slayer, the latter in particular due to the guitar wizardry that are displayed by the axe-wielding duo, with solos of songs such as Last Confession easily bearing rather striking resemblance to the style of the likes of Gary Holt and Lee Altus. Combine this with the progressive approach that the band takes to their songwriting, one can at times even spot some elements of Vektor and Coroner on A New Dawn in the Age of War.

But the thing that also caught my attention is also in the attention to melody by Divine Chaos on A New Dawn in the Age of War. Rather than going on full-aggression mode, the rather neo-classical moments on tracks such as Death Toll Rising brings in a slightly power metal edge on the intro, reminding one of the works of Gus G and Firewind, before breaking into a more aggressive death metal riffing section.

The whole host of influences and elements that Divine Chaos has included on their debut ensures that the listening experience of A New Dawn in the Age of War remains an interesting one throughout. The perfect balance between aggression, technicality, melody and progressiveness ensures that one is constantly kept on the edge of his seat, leaving one with one hell of an enjoyable and memorable listen.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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