Album Review: Eternal Oblivion – Human Fields

Eternal Oblivion - Human Fields

Eternal Oblivion [USA]
Human Fields
Full Length
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Death/Thrash Metal

I initially didn’t think much of American death/thrash metal band Eternal Oblivion with the extremely crude cover artwork on their debut full length, Human Fields. But upon first listen to their energetic style of death/thrash metal, all first impressions were immediately revoked, realising just how damn catchy Human Fields is.

Lifetaker kicks off the album, and the thrashy riffs of band mastermind Armon gets the listener headbanging on command with the fusion of aggressive energy yet groovy and catchiness, and one is reminded of the style of bands such as Sadus and Vio-Lence. Other moments on the album such as on The Great Crime one is instead reminded of the Bay Area style of Metallica (think Fight Fire with Fire), complete with the face-ripping guitar solos that could have easily come out of Kirk Hammett’s fingers, though there is also so that slight semblance of Teutonic heroes such as Destruction. Morals is even a fitting tribute to Metallica and Slayer, with the riffs sounding like a cross between Damage Inc. crossed with Raining Blood. Of course, let’s not forget that extreme edge that Eternal Oblivion has thrown into the mix as well, and that blackened moments that is on the album, as well as the vocal styling of Armon reminds one of Japanese black/thrash legends Sabbat.

The thing is, while Human Fields may be an extremely fast album throughout, the band ensures that this does not simply become a mindless speedfest and even includes some nice melodic moments on the album as well, with the inclusion of soaring leads and guitar solos. Songs like Tyrant even includes some melodic death metal riffs, throwing in yet another surprise for the listener. The old school touch is maintained throughout the album with the raw production quality, fitting to the musical style of the band.

I was rather surprised when it turned out that Eternal Oblivion is a one-man project, and Armon is the only person behind the entire band. The quality of the music on Human Fields makes it pretty hard to believe so, yet with Human Fields, Eternal Oblivion joins the ranks of the many solo bands that have gone on to leave a deep impression.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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