Album Review: Harakiri from the Sky – Aokigahara

Harakiri for the Sky - Aokigahara

Harakiri for the Sky [Austria]
Full Length
Art of Propaganda
Atmospheric Black Metal/Post Rock

In keeping with the recent interest in the black metal and post rock genres, it’s nice to chance upon Austrian band Harakiri for the Sky. While the band is relatively young, being formed only in 2011, the duo behind Harakiri for the Sky are certainly not amateurs, having already been involved in a number of other bands. Aokigahara is the band’s sophomore album, 2 years after the release of their eponymous debut.

The thing that always interests me is in how bands of the genre manage to fuse elements of calmness with their more chaotic and destructive side, yet remain constantly emotional throughout, and Harakiri for the Sky, on Aokigahara manages to do so equally capably. Kicking off the album with soothing clean guitar lines on My Bones to the Sea, the band quickly goes into full on black metal mode with little warning, and the heavy atmosphere that the band drenches their music in is rather reminiscent of bands such as Fen or Wolves in the Throne Room, though the resemblance to the former is heavier with the post rock elements that have been infused in Harakiri for the Sky‘s musical style. Acoustic moments on Jhator even brings in some moments of American black metal, in the style of bands like Shroud of Despondency.

The usage of techniques such as trem-picking on the high notes, that melancholic lead guitar lines that constantly haunts the listener throughout the album and the desperate shrieks of JJ ensures that the tension and emotions are constantly kept high. The presence and combination of aggression in the playing style of Harakiri for the Sky and the soothing soundscape at the background provides a nice contrast, and this perfect balance between the two emotional extremities ensures that one is instantly hooked on the style of Harakiri for the Sky and comes back for more.

Fans of bands such as DeafheavenAmesoeurs and the aforementioned bands will surely fall in love with Aokigahara.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Harakiri for the Sky on the internet:
Art of Propaganda

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