Album Review: Human Devastation – Condemación

Human Devastation - Condemación

Human Devastation [Mexico]
Full Length
Kukulkan Records
Death Metal

There is something about the water in Mexico that gives all the bands that come out of the region one hell of a filthy, bestial touch, and this is no different on Human Devastation‘s debut full length release, Condemación.

The band is relentless in their onslaught, and right from opening track Bienvenido a mi Mente the band throws the listener into a myriad of chaotic riffs and punishing blast beats, reminding one of the bestial, anti-Christ crusade of bands such as Morbosidad or a heavier, more suffocating version of Blasphemophagher. Just listen to tracks like Temple of Molay and try not to rip the Christian person next to you to pieces.

The entirety of Condemación is a speed fest, and not once does Human Devastation lets up in their high octane destruction. The batter of Omar probably stands out the most in terms of speed and energy, alternating between blast beats and gravity beats just to keep things heated throughout. The band also includes some blackened elements on the album as well, and the carnage that the band indulges in also brings about comparison to Thai extreme black metallers Zygoatsis and the likes, especially in the playing style of guitarists David and Enrique.

Just like Morbosidad, the usage of Spanish lyrics on Condemación adds a nice touch to the album – for some reason, growled and almost undecipherable Spanish gives bands an even more bestial, barbaric charm. Add to the combination the raw production quality, Human Devastation‘s Condemación makes for a perfect bestial death metal release.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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