Album Review: Impalers – Power Behind the Throne

Impalers - Power Behind the Throne

Impalers [Denmark]
Power Behind the Throne
Full Length
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Thrash Metal

Along with the numerous outstanding thrash metal acts that have spawned forth of late, Denmark joins in the fun with Impalers releasing their debut full length album Power Behind the Throne, with two prior demos under their belts.

The clean guitar lines on album opener Fear helps to build up some uneasiness in the listener, but the band quickly goes into overdrive, and as the first riffs of Impalers hit the listener, the old school thrash influences that the band has in their music sensibilities are immediately obvious. As soon as the band starts to go full speed ahead, one is quickly reminded of the Bay Area style of Testament and Exodus, fused with the extremity of early Teutonic thrash such as Destruction and Kreator. Songs like See What I See even brings about some Slayer comparisons with the speed and seeming chaos on the track.

For instance the lead work of guitarist Thomas at times can get rather reminiscent of works by characters such a Kirk Hammett, and along with the somewhat technical feel of songs like Power Behind the Throne and the vocals of Saren, comparisons to bands such as Lich King and Havok are drawn as well. The solo on the title track even draws influences from old school heavy metal, and his style would certainly fit comfortably on, say, a Metalucifer record without any awkwardness at all, with that sense of melody without compromising any technicality.

The old school feel is summarised and emphasised by the production quality of the album, with the rather raw and unpolished sound helping to provide a nice 80s feel to the music.

With thrash releases of late often bearing such high levels of musicianship, it is hardly any wonder that thrash has once again started to become the genre of great interest to me. While originality is hardly key for such releases, Impalers have certainly proved and displayed their knowledge and proficiency in the genre with Power Behind the Throne.

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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