Album Review: ITNOS – Thru the Collonades

Itnos [Singapore]
Thru the Collonades
Death Metal

The history of ITNOS goes way back before 2010. In fact, the band was formed way back in the early 90s and had 3 releases in 1994 and 1995 before going on hiatus. It was not until recently that the band announced their comeback and released this 2 track EP, a preview of their upcoming album, which is rumoured to be released this year.

ITNOS embodies what it means to be a perfect tech-death band, complete with odd time signatures and complex riffs. Balaq’s vocals are extremely gruff and brutal, befitting the band’s music, alternating between the typical low pitched growls and high pitched shrieks. While the lead guitar riffs are complex, it doesn’t mean that the rhythm section gets the easier job as keeping up with the odd rhythm certainly is no mean feat.

At times, it feels almost that the band is about to break into a melodic death metal section but it is merely a means to catch the listener’s attention before throwing him back to the tech-death chaos, such as the 3:22 mark on Dawn of the Disbelieved, where the solo ends and the main riff comes back into the picture again. While the bass seems to be mixed a tad too low on the first track, on Decimate the Beast the bass becomes slightly more prominent, displaying bassist Xul’s technical abilities, keeping up with the guitars and drums.

These 2 tracks are all it takes for Itnos to get fans of tech-death drooling for more, waiting keenly for more to come…

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