Album Review: Lavatory – Morbid Terror

Lavatory - Morbid Terror

Lavatory [Malaysia]
Morbid Terror
Full Length
Pulverised Records
Death Metal

True to their name, Malaysian death horde Lavatory‘s music is filthy as fuck, like a post-apocalyptic lavatory left to rot. With the putrid artwork by none other than Daniel ‘Devilish’ Johnsson, one almost already knows what to expect the moment they pop Lavatory‘s debut full length Morbid Terror into their player – uncompromising Swedish death metal.

Album intro Absorption presents a false calm before the storm, with that almost calming soundscape with the acoustic guitars and what not, but things Descent into Madness extremely quickly, as guitarists Ben and Jahanam pulverises the listener’s eardrums with their abrasive riffs and guitar tone. The riffs unleashed by the axe-wielding duo quickly reminds one of bands such as Dismember and Entrails, particularly in the way they alternate between intense, furious trem-picked sections and more crushing, palm-muted chugging ones.

At the same time, there is that intentionally sloppy drumming of Pelesit, adding a nice, primitive touch to the band’s sound. The mid-pace that the band sometimes tend to indulge in, along with that semi-howls of vocalist Muntah who resembles a cross between John Tardy and Martin van Drunen, one also can’t help but draw comparisons with Obituary and the great Asphyx. There are even a few doom moments, with songs like Restless Souls taking quite some inspiration classics like Dethroned Emperor.

Backed by a production that is equally dirty and primitive, with Morbid TerrorLavatory would have easily sounded like a veteran Swedish death metal band despite their Malaysian origins. Fans of old school, loud and bombastic death metal will easily fall in love with this record from the first listen.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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