Album Review: Lecherous Nocturne – Behold Almighty Doctrine

Lecherous Nocturne - Behold Almighty Doctrine

Lecherous Nocturne [USA]
Behold Almighty Doctrine
Full Length
Unique Leader Records
Technical/Brutal Death Metal

Featuring ex-members of NileLecherous Nocturne returns this year after 5 years with their brand new album, Behold Almighty Doctrine. It is perhaps not surprising then that what the band has included on their third full length release is some of the most technical, and mind-fucking death metal releases that I have encountered so far.

The band obviously are masters in each of their instruments, and right from the start of the album to the end, Behold Almighty Doctrine is filled with technicality, without any compromise to the brutality in the music. The urgency in the band’s brand of death metal is evident as all hell break loose right after the ominous Intro and goes into Ouroboros Chains. The complex riffing of the axe-wielders Kreishloff and Ethan are equally technical and abrasive, and I am immediately brought back to the days when I first heard bands like Demilich and had my mind blown away. While there are moments that are somewhat more accessible over here, these still reek of influences from bands such as Dying Fetus and Suffocation.

Drummer Alex matches the strings with his equally complex drumming, and when things seem to go into pure chaotic form, his drumming somehow manages to keep things together in an organised chaos. The ease with which the entire band manages to transit between different rhythmic sections displays not only the mastery on their instruments, but also the ability to sound tight despite the seeming randomness in the music.

Technical releases such as these often fail to hold my attention for long before ending up sounding the same, but Lecherous Nocturne prevents this from happening with the entire album being a rather short experience. This allows the brutality and technicality to be unleashed in short spurts resulting in an effective release.

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