Album Review: Marasmus – Mountains of Dead

Marasmus [USA]
Mountains of Dead
Full Length
Disgorge Media
Death Metal

Promising a brutal and violent journey, death metal horde Marasmus this year releases their debut full length album, Mountains of Dead. Fitting to the album title, the album artwork serves as an illustration to not only the morbid and destructive themes that are on the album, but also are a visual accompaniment to the music that is contained on this release.

Among the Deceased reeks of death and morbidity with the sounds of crows in the background and the buzzing of flies, setting a rather chilling mood right before the chaotic onslaught that Marasmus is about to present to us, starting with Modes of Vitriol. The music that is here is brutal, with the abrasive guitar tones and the relentless pounding on the skins of drummer Trynt. The music here also reeks of technicality as the band constantly litters the album with complex riffs and drumming segments, though there are moments when the band break into moments of pure speed or pure heaviness, enhancing the enjoyment of the album. The riffing pattern and style that are utilised by guitarists Jack and Tommy sound like a mix of bands like Deicide and Immolation, what with the furious trem-picked playing that is aplenty on the album. Vocalist Jack also contributes to the crushing atmosphere with his deep vocals, often layered with gargling growls or grindcore-esque squeals to make for a larger and more monstrous sound.

The band’s songwriting prowess is also evident, with each track fusing seamlessly with the next, making Mountains of Dead sound like a single, continuous track of relentless destruction. Tracks on the album are also rather short, and displays the band’s preference for a straightforward assault instead of slow buildups, though the band manages to maintain that dangerous atmosphere throughout the album, ensuring that each of the track that are on the album are powerful-sounding. The entire album lasts a mere 25 minute, leaving the listener to have no time for his mind to wander about and remain continually focussed throughout the entire duration of the album in order to not miss a single moment of brilliance that the band has put into Mountains of Dead.

Despite Mountains of Dead being Marasmus‘ debut full length album, it has been an extremely enjoyable and impactful one, and the quality of the music on the album easily justifies the band’s 8 years of experience, with each of the member playing like a death metal veteran.

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