Album Review: Mourning Mist – Mourning Mist

Mourning Mist - Mourning Mist

Mourning Mist [Italy]
Mourning Mist
Full Length
Forever Plagued Records
Avant Garde/Black Metal

Italy has become quite the breeding ground of innovative forms of metal, most notably recently with bands like Riti Occulti captivating the essence of ritualism and occultism to create dark, beautiful art. This year sees Forever Plagued Records taking the lead in presenting the haunting and the disturbing with the release of Mourning Mist‘s self-titled, debut full length album.

With that intriguing yet somewhat misanthropic artwork, one instinctively knows what to expect here – bleak, black metal. But Mourning Mist proves themselves to be a rather fascinating act, as Ecnerual, mastermind behind the band, does nothing to hold back the madness that goes on in his mind when writing or playing the material on Mourning Mist. As soon as the destructive intro of The Flowing ends, one is treated to a nice blend of a fusion of a whole range of genres. From the coldness of Mayhem to the the destruction of bands like Marduk and everything in between, Mourning Mist has ensured that their debut is packed to the brim with chaos and surprises.

The biggest draw over here is in Ecnerual’s generous usage of violins on the album, which definitely adds a nice touch to Mourning Mist‘s material, and helps them stand out from the plethora of old school revivalists of late. The best part is how he displays the madness and hopelessness through his playing, turning what is deemed a classical, beautiful instrument into one that brings chaos and disturbance. With the avant-garde outlook that the band has, Mourning Mist almost feels like a violin-driven, less bombastic and more suicidal version of Sigh.

The entire listening experience of Mourning Mist is made as uncomfortable as possible, from the sound samples included on tracks like Freefall to the desperate shrieks and that intertwining of doom-paced segments between the frantic, high octane moments of the album.

Other than that, fans of your orthodox forms of black metal, or dark metal in general will still be able to relate to the material on Mourning Mist, with the whole essence of the genre still present, albeit presented in a more innovative and engaging way.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

Favourite picks: Freefall

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