Album Review: Pirosaint – Infected Brutality

Pirosaint - Infected Brutality

Pirosaint [Chile]
Infected Brutality
Digmetalworld Records
Death/Thrash Metal

While Chilean thrashers Pirosaint have been around since the late 80s, the band has not really gained much attention, and even after their relocation to New York in 2011 they have yet to release a single full length album, preferring to release new material in the form of single releases. This year Digmetalworld Records releases Infected Brutality, a compilation of the band’s earliest materials, with the release including remastered versions of the band’s 1992 and 1994 demos along with a couple of live recordings.

Opening track Real Psychology quickly shows the band’s American influences, and the riffs that are displayed right from the start are rather reminiscent of bands such as Slayer with even some slight Bay Area references, with the technicality of Pirosaint reminding one of bands such as Metallica and the likes. With Pirosaint originally starting off as a death metal band before their later thrash metal form, the death metal elements can get rather clear at times on their material. For instance, the frantic riffing and chaotic lead guitar playing especially on material from their 1992 demo Atrocity not Condign bear some resemblances to early Morbid Angel or Death material especially in the technicality displayed by guitarist Francoise and in the drumming of Ignacio, and the death/thrash sound that the band takes on can also be compared to Possessed and even some Pestilence. The riffs on Noise in my Conscience even brings in some slight New York death metal references, with the ominous lead riffs and the mid-pace of the track sounding like some Incantation or Immolation track.

The live tracks also display the true musicianship of the band, with Pirosaint not only executing their material flawlessly, but also managing to further bring out the energy in the live performances, making the tracks all the more powerful and leaving a more lasting impact on the listener.

Overall, the material on Infected Brutality is a strong reflection of the development of extreme metal in the early 90s, with Pirosaint‘s influences bearing their influences rather clearly on their sleeve. The musicality that is displayed on the demos only leaves one to wonder what happened to the band, and what the future holds for them.

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