Album Review: Purgation – Exterminated Malfeasance

Purgation - Exterminated Malfeasance

Purgation [India]
Exterminated Malfeasance
Slaughterhouse Records
Brutal Death Metal

With bands such as Blood MeridianExhumation and Heathen Beast coming out of Indian underground, one can almost be assured of the quality of extreme metal coming out of the country these days. Purgation joins the ranks of these bands in unleashing some of their brand of brutality, and Exterminated Malfeasance is their debut EP.

Like all good old school death metal records, the atmospheric aspects of Purgation are rather important. From the start with Fractured Chaos, the band introduces listeners to a scene of utter destruction and chaos, and as soon as Uncanny Obsession begins, one realises that the sounds of destruction are hardly restricted to just the sound samples that are used, but in the utter brutality and crushing intensity of their music. Right from the get go, the Floridian influences on the band’s songwriting are pretty clear, with the rather thrashy style of the riffs unleashed by guitarists Denzil and Debanjan reeking of the style of early Morbid Angel or Malevolent Creation.

At the same time, there is something more complex in the playing style of Purgation, and the technicality that the band displays not only in the riffs but also in the drumming of Abhinava even brings in some slight Immolation or Suffocation vibe. To add to the overall theme of chaos and destruction, the solos that are unleashed are also often rather chaotic and unstructured, adding to the atmosphere of Exterminated Malfeasance.

Staying true to the 80s roots, Exterminated Malfeasance also indulges in a nice, muddy tone throughout the record, and Purgation‘s debut studio release is sure to please fans of early death metal.

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