Album Review: Pyre – Human Hecatomb

Pyre - Human Hecatomb

Pyre [Russia]
Human Hecatomb
Full Length
Chaos Records
Death Metal

With my recent obsession with Swedish death metal, it is nice to see and hear that the plague has even spread to the lands of Russia. Formed in 2011, Pyre finally releases their debut full length album Human Hecatomb after 3 years. But on first encounter with the band I knew not what to expect, resulting in a listening experience even more mind-blowing.

Right from the first bass lines on Merciless Disease, the band doesn’t attempt hiding their influences, as one is quickly reminded of the works of Death, before all hell breaks loose – Swedish style. The riffing style of Roman Rotten and Fred, combined with that abrasive guitar tone that the duo chose quickly brings classic works of bands like Dismember and Grave to mind. This comparison with Dismember is strengthened later in the album with the melodic lead works, with that slight heavy metal touch amidst the death metal chaos presented by the band.

Dym’s vocals are a semi-howl, and is a nice touch as well. Combined with the aggression, the influences from vocalists such as John Tardy and Martin van Drunen is obvious. On the slower, mid to doom-paced moments on the album like Far Beyond the Unknown, the comparisons to Obituary and Asphyx can get rather strong, further showing the old-school influence that has gone into the melting pot of Human Hecate.

As with many classic releases, the atmosphere remains a vital part of the Swedish death metal experience, and Pyre proves that they have not left this element out of their writing. Songs like Possessed sees the band utilise sound samples from The Exorcism of Emily Rose, sending chills down the listener’s spine.

Pyre‘s Human Hecate is old school Swedish death metal as it should be – filthy, abrasive, loud and aggressive. Any fans of the old school will certainly find this release a charming, enchanting piece of work.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

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