Album Review: Slidhr – Deluge

Slidhr - Deluge

Slidhr [Ireland]
Full Length
Debemur Morti Productions
Black Metal

Funeral Mist comparisons have been abound when Irish black metal horde Slidhr is mentioned, and 8 long years after their formation later, the band finally releases their debut full length album Deluge.

The haunting atmosphere that one is presented at the start on Wielding Daggers doesn’t say much about the brand of music of Slidhr, but with the first riffs that hit the listener, the comparisons to Funeral Mist become instantly clear. The riffs that are unleashed by Gast have a rather strong Norwegian black metal touch to them, reminding one of classics by Mayhem and the likes, but there is a stronger, more aggressive Swedish black metal touch over here not unlike bands like Marduk. But what really nailed the comparison with Funeral Mist is in the vocal execution of Gast, with his tortured shrieks, screams, high-pitched screeches and growls being extremely reminiscent and similar to Mortuus, desperate and abrasive.

Throughout the album, the tension that is in the atmosphere is kept constantly high, with the high tension riffs of Gast to that dirty and chilling atmosphere that plagues the album. The band cleverly alternates between more aggressive and faster moments and those that are slower and heavier, focussing on the atmospheric and ambient aspects on the music like on Hex, making Deluge all an all the more disturbing listening experience. Songs such as Symbols Obscuring also see the usage of haunting lead guitars to reinforce that uneasy and ominous mood.

All these are helped by that production quality of the album, giving a nice raw and dirty feel, allowing each of the instruments to really shine and contribute in the entire experience of the album. The high mix of the bass especially is a nice touch to the sound of the band, though one only begins to really take notice of its effects towards the middle of the album. Those keenly awaiting news of follow up material by Funeral Mist would probably find Slidhr‘s Deluge a more than welcome relief.

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