Album Review: Suicide Solution – Shake Well Before Abuse

Suicide Solution [SINGAPORE]
Shake Well Before Abuse
Full Length
Heavy metal/hard rock

Having been in existence since 1995, Suicide Solution is one of Singapore’s oldest (and one of the most well-established) heavy/thrash metal band. Initially started as a heavy/thrash metal band, Suicide Solution began to fuse certain death metal aspects in their sophomore effort, Halloween Holocaust, with the introduction of growls in some of the songs. However, the music remained deeply rooted in old school metal. That led us to wonder how their follow up would sound like…

Released on their own Media Corpse label, Shake Well Before Abuse is Suicide Solution’s third full-length album. Boasting a brand new line up of Joe Suicide (guitar and vocals), Evigan X (guitar), Faust (drums) and Rudolf Stryker (bass), this album is a good mixture of old school heavy/thrash metal and hard rock.

From the opening track, Ain’t Missin’ That Much, right to the closing track, Zombie Nation, Suicide Solution manages to bring you straight back to the 80s when loud heavy metal music, long hair and a rebellious attitude reigned, with lots of strong sing-a-long melodies and choruses and bluesy (but blazin’ fast) guitar solos.

Lyrical themes range vary, from cheesy heart break lyrics (Love is Stranger) to zombie theme lyrics (with a deeper meaning to them), which allows people from all walks of life to relate to their music. Couple that with fast and furious guitar work and riffage from the guitar duo (Joe and Evigan), the music is aggressive and shreddy, making it a good listen. Shake Well before Abuse definitely does has its light-hearted moments (Drugs N’ Kisses), where a Chinese sounding riff is played in the intro to the song.

Joe’s vocals, as per earlier albums, are reminiscent of Ozzy’s, but with a more aggressive edge. Guitars used to record this album are Gibson Les Pauls, and their choice of weapon definitely adds a nice touch to the album with their trademark growly tone.

The album mix is loud and clear, with none of the instruments compromised.

Recommended to fans of old school hard rock/heavy metal. If you loved The Dark Adventures and Halloween Holocaust, this album will not be a letdown as it carries on the direction that Halloween Holocaust set (minus the harsh vocals on some tracks).

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